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Record-breaking railway traffic 24 hours around the clock. Cologne's central station is Germany's busiest railway hub. With around 280,000 passengers per day no other station can compete (Wikipedia).Therefore, the station had to be rebuilt several times in its history to be able to cope with rising demand. This is no surpries, since the metropolis of Cologne serves as international railway hub at the same time.


Even before the opening of the first railway line in Germany, the Prussian state approved a rail link between Cologne and the Belgian border.


Only 10 years later, Cologne already had the first international railway line with access to the neighboring country of Belgium. Cologne's main station had it's prosperous times already before World War II by allowing to reach the most distant destinations abroad such as Istanbul, Riga or Rome. The most important direct connections in Germany were Berlin, Munich and Hamburg at the time.

Today, Cologne's Central Station is more than ever an important railway hub for German and European railways alike. The long-distance transport is observed mainly on the east side of the station, while the regional transport rather runs along the west side. Even today the station has to contend with a lack of capacity. Some lines are operated at the limit of capacity available. Many experts and rail planners are sure that new renovations in the future will be unavoidable.


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